Woodbridge Private Learning Centre is Proud to Present Fast OSSD Credits!

Team of teachers ready to build curriculum for Fast OSSD Credit

Woodbridge Private Learning Centre prioritizes quality education over all else. We strongly believe that a good education involves a well-rounded educational experience, a diverse environment, unique learning strategies, and various assessments. Each student is different, which is why Woodbridge Private Learning Centre strives to create a learning environment designed for each student to excel in, an environment that prepares students to complete fast OSSD credits. The ministry of education has made quite a few changes over the past year, and it has taken a lot from students and parents to adapt to these changes; however, this change does not need to be a strenuous one. With online learning becoming more and more popular, students are finding the time and comfort to learn in a way better suited for their learning style; Woodbridge Private Learning Centre prides itself on encouraging students to complete fast OSSD credit courses and give the student the support and resources they need to do it successfully. Online learning provides many advantages to the education of students; consistency throughout the classroom, flexibility to attend class remotely from anywhere and increases user engagement.

Quality Learning experience for Fast OSSD Credit

Woodbridge Private Learning Centre is an online-based high school with ministry-accredited Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses to give you the flexibility you need to obtain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Woodbridge Private Learning Centre offers its students the ability to obtain fast OSSD credits to complete their secondary school requirements. Ministry approved, recognized, and respected, Woodbridge Private Learning Centre offers its students exactly what they need, when they need it. Our innovative online learning portal allows students to have complete access to all course material and resources from start to finish. This allows students enrolled In the fast OSSD credit courses to work at their own customized pace. Alongside this, the blended learning experience is a unique setup for students as the resources given use various methods to maintain interest and interaction; the use of presentations, videos, visual aids, presentations, audio, online reading, and case studies drive the diverse development of students to learn in different ways. Utilizing different resources expands a student’s mind to think in complex ways and establish which methods are more efficient for learning concepts.

Student  asynchronous learning to earn fast OSSD credit

Fast OSSD credit courses were designed with students in mind; a wide range of courses are readily available from grade 9 to grade 12, each one structured to give students the flexibility and support they require. Students excel best when given the freedom to work at their own pace, allowing some to finish their course quicker or slowing down to take their time. Fast OSSD credit courses provide students with numerous benefits. Depending on the situation, some students may require the completion of a course at a quicker pace than the standard four-month semester, for which we provide individualized fast-tracked options that best suit your needs. Each course requires 110 hours of course work to be completed, which can be planned out according to the student to match their specific needs. This requirement is met under our unique fast OSSD credit courses. Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) are readily available during office hours to provide students with the support and flexibility they need. Working at your own pace can be exciting and comfortable, but an OCT-qualified teacher is right by your side to help if you have got questions. Communicating with your teacher throughout your course helps ensure that you are staying on track and that your assignments accurately reflect your understanding of concepts.

Our asynchronous learning template allows students to move their coursework off-screen to help ensure they are maintaining a healthy amount of screen time each day. Each course requires 110 hours of learning to be completed, and we want to make sure these hours are met but in a healthy way for our students. Especially for students enrolled in our fast OSSD credit courses, the number of hours per day may increase, but we want to ensure the health of our students first, which is why we emphasize the use of computers and off-screen learning to help keep our students healthy. With our focus on asynchronous learning, we also push to have our OCT (Ontario certified teachers) available during office hours to provide additional support to students. With their focus being to answer questions and provide guidance to their students, our teachers pride themselves on giving students the space they need to grow and learn.

Varied forms of assessments allow for better learning and a more accurate representation of a student’s abilities. Online learning and fast OSSD credit courses offer students the ability to develop more confidence than learning in a classroom setting. Alongside this confidence, it is vital to building a student’s ability to be agile in their work. Completing various forms of assessments pushes a student’s boundaries to think beyond test questions and apply information more practically.

group project to earn Fast OSSD Credit

Building a strong foundation during high school will open many options for post-secondary life. Investing in further tutoring and aid will only help open more of those doors. With individualized tutoring plans, available students can comfortably ask for more help one-on-one and break down difficult concepts for better understanding. Whether you are a student enrolled in day school, entirely online, mixed, or in our fast OSSD credit course, we have a wide range of qualified OCT available to students to bring forth any problem or question and have it explained and taught to them thoroughly. These individualized tutoring plans are not limited to just high school students. Children must build the correct learning habits and skills at a young age; it is not enough to learn the material but rather learn how to study efficiently. With qualified teachers and tutors, Woodbridge PLC provides early skills development programs to help children build strong foundations in reading, writing, measurement, problem-solving and core skills in mathematics.

French is a large part of Canadian education and culture; it unites our nation and recognizes the French-speaking parts of our country. French can be a difficult language to learn, especially when not practiced in everyday life. Our qualified French tutors offer help in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Teachers can assign additional work and exercises to students who need more practice with the language and build study plans tailored to each student’s specific level.

Students eligible for English education in English as a Second Language program can be taught one-on-one to boost their confidence and learn new language skills to keep up in class with their peers. With the right amount of attention and dedication, students will have developed a strong foundation for the following year. Being able to communicate confidently in English is a skill that is required throughout one’s career. It is heavily relied upon during post-secondary applications and job interviews. Focussing on developing these skills at a younger age is advantageous. Children at a younger age have the ability to learn a language much quicker than a teenager or an adult, so it is never too soon to start polishing off those language skills.

During summer break, students can keep their minds sharp and active by taking part in summer educational programs designed to keep students interacting in interesting and fun ways throughout the summer break. Students tend to lose a large chunk of their concepts learned during summer break from a lack of educational activity. Students who take the time to incorporate educational activities into their summer break have shown to have a larger advantage in the fall once school resumes. With such a large chunk of downtime given to students, it becomes hard for them to maintain a day-to-day structure in their routine. Our goal is to have students returning to school being confident in their knowledge and the classroom.

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