Blended High School Learning

We offer custom tailored solutions for students to receive the perfect blend of in-person support and online coursework

Blended Learning and 1-on-1 Support

If you are enrolling in an online course and feel that you need to have some one-on-one instruction for certain units. This instruction can be for a range of things including help completing units, assignments, live lessons in person or just recap of course and assignment support.

Reduced Hourly Rates

If you purchase a package you will have a reduced rate based on the number of hours purchased. Normal rates start at $40/hour. Based on the package you purchase this rate will be reduced.

Didn’t use all your hours? Use them for another subject!

If you have extra hours left over and would like to use them for another subject or course or just homework help for school, we will honor the hours. Hours will expire 12 months from the date of enrollment unless other arrangements are made with WPLC.

Credit Course & Tutoring Packages

Add this on to your credit course purchase. If you need additional hours, we will honor the lower package rate. If you wish to purchase any of the below, please add it on to the purchase of your course (see course outlines)

10 hours ($39/hour)$390.00
20 hours ($38/hour)$760.00
30 hours ($37/hour)$1,110.00
35 hours ($36/hour)$1,260.00
40 hours ($35/hour)$1,400.00

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