Educational Accommodations


All students learn in their own unique manner. At WPLC, we prioritize the needs of each student by designing our online programs to respond to individual needs. Each student can learn at their own pace in a flexible manner ensuring they have the required time to learn concepts and complete assignments. The courses offer many interactive forms of learning including:

  1. Text to voice
  2. Materials via text, video, interactive activities and engaged learning
  3. Provide assignments in an oral, visual or written method
  4. Accommodations for students to use own technology to provide assignments and coursework
Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document that outlines a student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning needs, and any accommodations that are to be made within a course. If the student has an existing IEP, WPLC can implement the accommodations that are listed and applicable in our learning environment. Students will need to submit a copy of their IEP to the appropriate Guidance Coordinator to have accommodations implemented in their courses.

For other needs not listed in the student’s IEP please contact the course teacher or Principal for further information.

Assignments, Tests and Examinations

Assignments and activities within the online courses must take into account the strengths, needs, learning expectations, and accommodations identified in the student’s IEP. Accommodations throughout the course may include the following

  1. Reducing the workload
  2. Simplifying tasks and materials
  3. Providing more time for learning and completing activities.

Exam and test accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  1. Providing extra time for tests and exams
  2. Allowing scribing of answers or reading of questions for exams
  3. Allowing a memory aid for exams
  4. Allowing breaks during the exams
  5. Not deducting marks for spelling.
  6. The assistance of other persons and the use of specialized equipment may also be required to accommodate the student’s needs.