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English Tutoring

It can be a surprise when we realize that our children need help in language. How can this be possible? They speak English all day!

Language can be a complex subject area.

Knowing the basics of how to write an essay and understanding Shakespeare, can make reading and writing fun.

We focus on the individual needs of the child and design a unique plan based on comments from their parents, teachers and our in-depth student assessment.

We have certified instructors specially for these areas:

High School Tutoring (Gr 9-12)

  • Shakespeare
  • Public Speaking
  • Literary Analysis
  • Essay Writing
  • ESL
  • Test and final exam preparation

Elementary and Middle School Tutoring (K-8)

  • Advanced Reading Skills
  • Introductory Writing
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Book reports
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Usage
  • ESL
  • Reading Comprehension

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