We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about WPLC.

General Questions

How does it work?

A student can register for any course offered at WPLC at any time and, once confirmed, they will be given learning material and assessments through which they can complete the course with a certain mark and earn a credit. The course will be conducted by the instructors online and the student will have 12 months to complete this course.

We encourage students to complete the course within the 12 month time frame; however extension can be purchased in 1 month increments. See “What are your additional costs?” question below.

Will these courses count towards my Ontario Secondary School Diploma and/or my University entrance requirements/application?

Yes. Any course earned through WPLC will count towards your OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). When applying to a university in Ontario, any credit earned through WPLC will appear on OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) or OCAS (Ontario Colleges Application Service).

For individual applications, or applications made directly to a post-secondary institution WPLC can (upon request) communicate directly. WPLC will communicate with upto 3 institutions for no charge and an additional $40 dollars per institution above the initial 3.

Can I take a course at WPLC?

Yes. Anyone can register for a course with WPLC, whether inside Ontario or out, whether in high school or not!

Even if you do not live on Ontario, we accept students from all over the world as long as you have access to a stable internet connection and a computer (as everything is done online).

How long does one course take to complete?

A course can be as short as a few weeks depending on the amount of time you can dedicate to the course on a daily basis. The more dedication to the required coursework will help you to work through the course at a faster pace.

If you are pressed for time and wish to speed up your course you may register through our fast track program. The fast track program does not change or reduce the coursework, but rather students are guaranteed a 24 hour or less response time (grading, questions etc.), thus rendering them more capable of completing a course quickly.

In the case of the maximum timing, students must complete a credit within 12 months upon registration to earn a credit. If the course is not completed within 12 months and the student wishes to continue to complete the course an extension may be granted (subject to fees).

A reminder that each credit is 110 hours of coursework (1/2 credits are 55 hours). A student can choose how they allocate their time in order to meet this hours requirement based on the flexibility of their schedules.

What are your additional costs?

Course Transfers: A student has the option to transfer from one course to another at any time within the 12-month completion deadline. If a student transfers within the first 5 days there are no fees associated with the transfer.
If a student requests a transfer after the first 5 days, an administrative fee will be required as the preliminary work will have to be repeated by our staff. This fee can range depending on the amount of coursework already completed/graded by your teacher. Please contact WPLC staff to discuss this fee.

OSSLT: Should a student wish to take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) at the WPLC administrative office located in Woodbridge, Ontario, a fee of $299 will apply. Should a student wish to take the OSSLT through WPLC at an alternative location, a fee of $499 will apply.

Course Extensions: Students will have the opportunity to extend a course if they are unable to complete the course within the 12-month time limit. The extension options are listed below.

  • 1 additional month: $150
  • 2 additional months: $200
  • 3 additional months: $250

OUAC: An OUAC account can be opened for any student whose Ontario Student Record (OSR) is hosted by WPLC. WPLC will maintain the OUAC account throughout the school year. The fee for managing the account and applications to 3 post-secondary institutions is free. After 3 schools, WPLC will charge $40 per school. WPLC can also communicate directly with post-secondary institutions, rather than OUAC, if needed. 

Additional costs for students who are not currently enrolled in high school:

Costs may also occur if a student transfers their OSR to WPLC and WPLC becomes the student’s home school, or if WPLC is required to create a new OSR (i.e. for international students). Such costs include the following:

  • Administrative fee of $99 for OSR creation and maintenance
  • Equivalent Credit Assessments: WPLC can assess the transcripts of students from outside Ontario to determine whether equivalent credits can be granted that will apply toward the OSSD requirements. The fee for an equivalent credit assessment is $180. 

Will WPLC communicate with my home school throughout the completion of my course?

WPLC will inform a student’s home school when the student registers for a course, once they are halfway done, and once the course is complete in order to organize the credit’s inclusion on the student’s transcripts and OSR.

Are the credits completed recognized by universities and colleges?

Yes! All credits earned through WPLC are valid in the eyes of Canadian post secondary institutions

If I don’t like my course, do you provide refunds?

WPLC does not issue refunds for credit courses.

If you are not happy with your course, you may switch your course to another course within 5 days of registration. If a student wishes to switch after the 5 day mark, there may be a charge depending on how much of the course has been completed and what will need to be duplicated by WPLC staff.

Student Services

What support is provided to me during the course?

A certified instructor throughout the course to which you will have unlimited access via email, video conferencing and office hours for online help. They will provide timely feedback, grade assignments and be available to answer any questions.

If you would like additional one-on-one support you can add personalized tutoring packages in conjunction with your course.

Do I need to wait to receive my grade for an assignment before moving forward to the next lesson?

No! 100% of the course is available right away and you can work through the lessons at your own pace. We do advise, that initially, when submitting additional assignments try to wait until you get your grade back for the previous one so that you can use the feedback provided to make any necessary changes going forward.

How do I communicate with my teacher?

You will communicate with your teacher via email, during online office hours, video conferencing and telephone which you can arrange with your teacher as needed. If you do need, you can also arrange to come in for additional, in-person support (one time or consistently throughout the course)

What happens after I earn my credit?

Once you have completed the course and the teacher has issued the final report. The guidance office at WPLC will process this information and send a copy to the home address on file. We will also fax and mail a copy to the guidance office at the student’s home school.

If a student wishes, we can also communicate with any post-secondary institution as well as OUAC and OCAS.


When does enrollment begin?

Enrollment is continuous at WPLC. This means that students can register at any point during the year. For students who wish to take multiple courses, we can help you to devise a projected schedule. Typically, the courses can begin within 1-2 business days after registration is completed.

How do I register?

You can select the course you would like to enroll in and add to your cart. You may check-out using the cart option and once completed and payment is processed you will be registered. Your login information will be emailed to you after your registration is verified. This process usually takes 1 business day. You can access the courses on the OSSD Homepage

What happens after I register?

Our office will process your registration and you will be provided with an email that will prompt login to the course software. This process usually takes 1-2 business days.

How much does each course cost?

The cost of each course is listed in the respective course outlines. Most courses do not require additional books or software, however there may be some additional resource requirements (listed on the course outline) that may need to be purchased.

What is the Blended Learning option?

For students who feel that they need one-on-one lessons with their teacher or an instructor, WPLC offers blended learning packages. Students can purchase hours of personalized instruction (either in-person or online) at reduced rates.

Some students choose these options for varying reasons. For example, a student may work their way through a unit and decide that they would like one of the lessons taught in an in-person or virtual classroom setting. Another example may be that a parent might feel that the student needs to come in at the completion of each unit and recap all the main concepts. Despite the various needs being met, Blended Learning can definitely be an option to fit your needs. You can get more information about our Blended learning options here

Coursework & Final Exam

Does WPLC accommodate for my Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

Based upon Ministry of Education guidelines, all activities, assessments and coursework has to take into account needs of the student which includes learning exceptions, necessary accommodations and their strengths/weaknesses. There may also be exceptions made such as reducing workload, alternative methods of testing/assessments, additional time, assistive technology, interactive multimedia and various forms of assessment tools.

If you have specific individualized concerns, your teacher will work with you to accommodate your IEP requirements.

How do I write my Final Exam?

The final examination will typically be written online int he presence of a proctor. A student has two choices on how to obtain a proctor for their exam:

  1. Students can choose their own proctor, who must meet the guidelines noted on the Final Exams information page. Additionally, all procedures can be found in the final exam folder of their course materials. WPLC will communicate with the proctor in order to set up the examination. The student will be able to access the exam online (a password will be provided to you by the Proctor when it is time to begin). The exams are done in one sitting, timed and students can save their answers and work between questions. One the student is done, they will submit the exam (only one submission allowed) and the Proctor will return back to WPLC a form stating the exam has been completed. In order for WPLC to release your grade and report card, the Proctor must have signed and returned this form.

  2. Students can choose to have a WPLC representative be your Proctor. The exam will be held at the WPLC facility and a charge of $150 will apply.
Who can proctor my exam?

If you wish to use your own proctor and are registered at another school (home school), it would be recommended that you arrange with a person at your home school such as a teacher, guidance counselor or administrative official. If this is not feasible, you can always write your exam with WPLC.

When can I write my exam?

Once all of the coursework is completed, you can arrange to write your final examination. Your final examination must be under the 12 month period of your course completion otherwise an extension may be required.

If you are using your own proctor, it can take upto 10 business days for the Proctor to be approved by WPLC.

Once you request the writing of the final examination, all assignments and coursework submissions not submitted will be graded as zero.

Let’s reach your potential together.