Fast Track Courses

The fast track add-on allows for students to complete a course much faster as it guarantees assignments and tests to be graded within a 2-day period and all emails responded to within 24 hours. The course material is identical to the normal version of the course.

Why do I need to take a fast track course?

Students register for fast track courses because they need to meet an approaching deadline (i.e. university applications, graduation requirements). Some students simply wish to finish faster and would like a faster turn-around time.

Can I take a fast track course?

Yes, if you meet all the prerequisite requirements for the course.

Will a fast track course appear differently on my transcript?

No. They will appear as the same as a non-fast track course.

How do I choose the fast track option?

When viewing the courses on the OSSD Course pages, you will be prompted to choose an option for ‘Regular’ or ‘Fast Track’. Choose the ‘Fast Track’ option before adding to cart.