Final Exams

The safety of our students is a top priority for us at WPLC. Due to the recommendations by the Ontario Ministry of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering alternative proctoring solutions. Please contact your instructor or [email protected] for more details on how we will support our students during these unprecedented times.

Most WPLC courses require that students write a closed-book final exam at the end of the course. This exam is online through the LMS portal, but must be written in the presence of an approved proctor. 

A proctor is an individual witnesses and confirms that the final exam was written in accordance with all WPLC procedures. Once the coursework is completed, the student can choose the date and time of the final exam, but the proctor must be approved by WPLC.

There are two options for proctoring available to students:

Option 1: Proctoring Arranged with WPLC

The student can choose to write your exam at the WPLC offices located in Vaughan, Ontario or Online via video exam proctoring.

The cost for this option is $125 up to 2 hours and $50 for each hour after that. Most exams will be completed in up to 2 hours.

Option 2: Proctoring Arranged by the Student

The student can select a proctor to meet with in-person for purposes of invigilating the exam.

For this option, students must apply to write the final exam at least 10 business days prior to the proposed date of the exam by submitting a Proctor Approval Form to the WPLC Guidance Office.

A Proctor must meet all of the following criteria in order to be approved:

  • Must have a valid e-mail address provided by the current place of employment
  • Cannot be related to the student in any way
  • Cannot be a tutor
  • Must have a University/College degree or a professional designation
  • Must be able to read, write and speak in the English Language
  • Cannot be a student at any level of study

Examples of Proctors:

  • High school teacher, guidance counselor or a librarian (or anyone else at your local high school)
  • A neighbor, co-worker or manager at work
  • A professor, social worker or colleague
  • Anyone who meets the requirements noted above

Once the Proctor is approved, details will be provided via email. The exam will be administered through the online portal and will become visible at the date and time arranged by the student. Upon completion of the exam, WPLC will confirm that all procedures were followed with the Proctor. Once confirmed, the student’s final grade will be released.

Please note that if a student chooses a proctor who charges a fee, the student is responsible for those fees.